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Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

Are you looking to get double glazing? Or simple want to learn more about the benefits of having double glazed windows? Then read our guide below to find out what exactly you will be getting when you choose Northern Scotland Joinery. We are the authority when it comes to double glazed windows, our expertise and choice of quality materials means you will be getting the best investment possible for your property.

-Benefit 1: Easy Maintenance-

Once installed, our double glazed windows are maintenance- free. They will look great for years to come and you won’t have to worry about upkeep. Northern Scotland Joinery use high quality Veka PVCU-U frames on all window installation. The frames are durable, stylish and hassle free compared to window frames made from inferior materials.  Veka PVCU-U provides superb resistance to the elements and contain eco-friendly compounds as an added bonus.

All our products are long-lasting, they don’t rust, chip, peel or deteriorate, eliminating the awful job or repainting or sanding the frames. All it takes to keep the windows in tip top condition is simply wash with soap and water.

Ordering your double glazing windows through Northern Scotland Joinery provides you with peace of mind. We offer a exclusive Ten year insurance backed guarantee, meaning your investment will be protected no more what happens to Northern Scotland Joinery.

We have a huge range of easy-maintenance window styles to suit any budget and any style of property.

-Benefit 2: Noise-

Northern Scotland Joinery windows have been designed to efficiently block out external noise. Whether it be noisy neigbours or the sound of a busy road our double glazed window solutions can help, reducing nice by as much as 50 per cent. We use the latest specialist technology in our windows, meaning you will get the very best noise reduction possible.

Windows from Northern Scotland Joinery will help reduce the noise inside your home because:

1)    Windows are one of the main sources for sound to enter your home, changing them can make a massive difference.

2)    Double glazed windows have a gap between the two panes of glass, this gap breaks up the sound waves before they enter the home, effectively reducing the noise levels.

-Benefit 3: Environmentally Friendly and Money-Saving-

All products from the Northern Scotland Joinery come with their own unique environmentally friendly properties and benefits.  The Veka window frames are not only durable and great quality but they are also contain eco-friendly composites.

We help you reduce your carbon footprint thanks to the heat insulating benefits of our windows. Our double glazing solutions have a great energy rating and will save you money in heating bills every month. Think of it as an investment.

Opting for double glazing is a great way to not only help save the planet but also save money at the same time.

-Benefit 4: Security-

Double glazed windows from Northern Scotland Joinery not only look great but also keep your home more secure. The most common way for burglar to enter your home is through the window. Our windows are sturdy and very secure, deterring potential thieves.

We also install a range of extra security features. These include heavy duty locks, lockable handles, both of which use high-quality mechanisms – ensuring your windows are secure at all times.

All our windows are thoroughly tested to meet our high quality control standards. Feel safe in the knowledge that we never use materials which aren’t secure.

-Benefit 5: Warmth-

As mentioned already, one of the major benefits to having double glazing is that it can help stop heat escaping, making your home warmer during the cold month thus saving you money on your household bills.

Northern Scotland Joinery use only the best quality materials meaning you will be getting the best insulation with or advanced technology.

-    The air gap between the two sheets of glass helps to keep heat in the home as well as distribute evenly. Argon is then filled into the gap, this gas keeps the warm air in and the cold air out. Argon is natural and completely safe. Infact it’s present in the air you are breathing now.

-    All the glass that Northern Scotland Joinery use is specifically manufactured to retain heat. Not only does the double glazing stop heat escaping but also reflects it back into your property to make it even warmer.

-    Even our frames are specially designed to conserve heat and keep your fuel costs down.

Installing our double glazing windows will make your property warmer, more comfortable and will dramatically lower your heating bills. Testing has show that our specialist energy rated glass reduces energy lost by 90% meaning huge savings in the long run.

-Benefit 6- Northern Scotland Joinery Guarantee-

We like to give our customer peace of mind and prove to them that we are confident in our own product. As we use Veka window frames on all our windows, Northern Scotland Joinery have become Home Pro Members. As members we can offer you a ten year insurance backed guarantee.  This means that even if we cease trading the guarantee still stands.

We use experienced joiners and high-quality materials that were built to last, our guarantee should give you peace of mind that your home improvements truly are designed to last.

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