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Triseal Super Spacer Bar

energy saving recommendedThe window industry has been abuzz since the launch of the Super Spacer TriSeal that was recently developed by Edgetech I.G. The system is revolutionary in the way that it provides long term solutions for energy efficiency through the use of flexible foam technology,

It is more important than ever to consider the environment and the economy thanks to a number of changes that have taken place over the past few years. Energy efficiency is becoming the main focus when it comes to home renovation projects as well as industrial construction. Every inch and little piece of a window and window system can play a role in how energy efficient an entire house or building is. That is why it is Edgetech has developed the TriSeal Super Spacer.

The Super Spacer system is designed to increase the lifeline of a building by integrating the windows into the building structure itself. The system focuses on maintaining insulation performance and providing a reliable and durable product. It took a dedicated program in terms of development to launch this product, and now the benefits are coming to fruition.

While there are other spacer systems within the marketplace, most of them use stainless steel. The TriSeal Super Spacer instead uses a solution that is non-metal to cut down on loss of heat even more than stainless steel or aluminum can. The silicone foam can distribute and connect with the acrylic adhesive in order to prevent any vapour or condensation from getting through the window system.

The foam itself also contributes to making the structure flexible and thus allowing it to handle all kinds of weather and changes in temperature. The system itself benefits by also reducing noise by as much as 2 decibels and increasing energy efficiency as much as 15%.

Just look at some of the benefits that come along with a TriSeal Super Spacer system:

-Heat flow resistance is improved
-Glass surface temperature can be controlled
-Condensation and absorption of sound will greatly improve
-There is a major reduction in stress put on the window sealant

This system was created in order to be used with a vast array of projects, from industrial products to home renovations. Better yet, the TriSeal Super Saver was designed to be visually appealing while still having a minimal impact on the overall design of a building.
There has clearly been a lot of work put in by Edgetech in order to develop this product, but the benefits that are showing through are proving to be well worth the effort.

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